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Parent's Corner

We believe that the health and growth of all children stem from the people that are involved in their lives the most. We welcome all parents or guardians who are interested to come visit our classes any time or day!


If you are interested in being more involved, we would love volunteers or you can come and share a hobby, craft, or your career with us! Feel free to call or email us and we can set up a time and date. 

About our Payment Schedule:


Payment is due every 4 weeks during the school year. There will be a reminder that goes home with an envelope within the 3rd week and the tuition should be returned the following week through cash or check. Thank you!

Parent Testimonials

My son is 5 and fully prepared for Kindergarten! We began preschool with Mrs. Helena in September 2017 and he graduated from Learn-A-Lot in June 2018. Under the guidance of Mrs. Helena, he learned the expected: counting, colors, shapes, sight recognition of letters, respect for school rules, cleaning up, etc. In addition to this, he also learned patience; courteous greetings;  basic Vietnamese; and so much more! 

This is our 2nd year with Learn-A-Lot Bilingual Preschool and my husband and I couldn't be more happier. I have my two sons in Ms. Helena's class and they are exceeding my expectations. My kids know their development, education, creative and musical abilities continuously grow.  I also love the ethnic diversity of all the students and family types. As a family of color, its an added bonus.

Ms. Helena is such a wonderful teacher to these kids.  She has a big heart and you can see how much joy she has in teaching them.  She's able to teach the kids in adapting to each kid's level of understanding.  Ms. Helena communicates to the parents of what's going on, upcoming events/projects and also shares pictures and videos from class.

 There are a myriad of preschools in South Seattle, but Helena provides excellent one-on-one with each child and takes a true interest in helping them grow.

...It's also so awesome to hear kids in class from different ethnicities learning how to speak Vietnamese...and they do it well!  Learning another language is so good for their growing brains.  But above all, I love how this school/teacher emphasizes on teaching the kids about sharing, manners & having empathy for others...which so often over looked and not focused enough in schools these days.  Thanks Mrs Helena!

*These reviews are from Yelp. To read more reviews, please visit our Yelp page.

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