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Preparing Children for Kindergarten Success and Beyond!

About us

At Learn-a-Lot Bilingual Preschool we believe that providing a safe, nurturing, and challenging learning environment for all children is the basis for future success. We understand the importance of early education and the rapid brain development and growth in the early stages of a child’s life.


Through our program we will ensure that your child will be

exposed to a diverse curriculum including: Language and Literacy, Math, Science, Motor Skills, Art, and Social/Emotional development.

Meet the Teacher
Mrs. Annie graduated from the University of Washington with a Master’s Degree in Teaching and an ELL Endorsement. She is bilingual and biliterate in English and Vietnamese. She has been an elementary teacher in the Highline School District for 13 years.

Register Now!

Registration for September 2024 is OPEN! Please email/call if you have any questions. We have limited space available!

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