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About Us

Our Philosophy

At Learn-a-Lot Bilingual Preschool we believe that providing a safe, nurturing, and challenging learning environment for all children is the basis for future success. We understand the importance of early education and the rapid brain development and growth in the early stages of a child’s life. With this in mind, we strive to integrate a healthy balance of the Montessori approach as well as include teacher-directed activities to achieve new skills and goals. The Montessori approach is an educational model that allows children to explore and flourish in a prepared environment that is catered to their developmental stage.


Also, many studies have shown that children who are exposed to a bilingual atmosphere perform better in standardized reading and writing tests. Learning a new language at a young age increases attention, focus, and cognition, giving your child an early advantage and head start in their education. With this in mind, we will be allocating a portion of our class to learning basic Vietnamese through reading, writing, and speech. Learn more about how learning a second language is beneficial for your child by clicking here.


We are honored at Learn-a-Lot Bilingual Preschool to be able to teach and guide your child through this critical period in early life. Through this strong teaching foundation, as well as your parent involvement, we can work together to create meaningful and valuable experiences for your child. 

In The News:

Registration for Fall 2022 is OPEN! Please email/call for more details.

Or go to our Registration page for

more info.

We are doing private tours/online meet and greets. If you would like a tour, please call/email to set up a

convenient date and time.

Thank you!

Read some of our parent testimonials on our Parent's Corner page

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