What's Happening at Learn-a-Lot Bilingual Preschool

June 2022

Ahhh!! It’s June! Time has flown by this year. I have been prepping the students for graduation, summer break, and kindergarten. We talk about it a lot in class, and they are all very excited. I will miss them so much!

I am currently doing the last rounds of assessments and progress reports. I love seeing the growth from every student on paper but also socially, emotionally, and mentally as well. They have really gotten out of their shell this last month of class and seeing them interact and problem solve with each other has been great! We have been playing so many games and having such a blast just spending time together. I work in lots of alphabet, number, and pattern games to keep them on their toes and brains working 😉.

Wednesday, June 15th is our last day of class for this school year.

Thursday, June 16th is our graduation! Graduation will be held at Coulon Park this year! They finally lifted the ban and allowed people to rent out the shelters. Here are the details:

Graduation will begin at 11:00 am

We will be at the Creekside Shelter -- it is one of the more tucked in shelters, close to the swimming beach, bathrooms, and large grass fields. I will email everyone the map of Coulon so you can find the shelter if you're not familiar .

Graduation ceremony usually lasts for 30-45 mins where I will hand out diplomas and awards. This year I have catered from Panera so we can have a little snack/lunch right after handing out diplomas. Masks are optional since we will be fully outdoors.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers and father figures this year!!


Ms. Helena