What's Happening at Learn-a-Lot Bilingual Preschool

May 2021

May 2021 Newsletter

We have completed our “Letter of the Week” curriculum this week with letter G!!! Congratulations to students (and parents). After this week, the students may bring anything they would like to show the class. I will ask them what letter the show and tell begins with, what sound it makes, and if the letter is a vowel. Thanks to all the parents for helping the children with this program. Everyone did an amazing job!

We will continue to review the letters of the alphabet and numbers this month with different types of games and songs. We will also continue working on different projects like we have been all year. For my older students, we will really focus on pre-kindergarten reading, writing, math, and skills that will have them prepared for kindergarten. I am excited to start our community helpers, solar system, and many other curriculum topics for the rest of the month.

It has been such a fun year watching the students learn and grow so much. It gives me so much pride in seeing how far they have come. As I am preparing for the end of the school year, it has been bittersweet to reflect on how much progress our little preschool community has changed, progressed, and assimilated into a working and healthy space for the kids. Thank you all!

**Upcoming reminders:

May 31st – Memorial Day, no school 


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and grandmas and caregivers!